Welcome to BeautyCall

We're not only skincare specialists, but also one of the Charleston area's original eyelash extensions salons since 2015. Our spa treatments give the Flowertown glow to Summerville locals and inspire our Charleston neighbors to brave the traffic on I-26 just to come to experience our services. We love our tranquil beauty retreat near downtown Summerville and we're so happy you're here!

$99 Intro Set of Lash Extensions

Get the flirty, feathery look you crave fast with our introductory set of extensions.


Worried About Adhesive Sensitivity?

Allergies are very rare, but for clients who are intrigued by lash extensions but want to ensure you're a good candidate, we offer patch tests!

Click Here to schedule a complimentary adhesive patch test to rule out sensitivities!

Inner Beauty, Outer Glow

We believe that taking a moment to treat yourself to something you enjoy is important to overall health, wellness, and yes- beauty! We love relaxing our clients during their spa appointments because we know that for many of you these are a few precious moments for you to sneak away and feel pampered.