5 Thing You MUST Consider Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

5 Thing You MUST Consider Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

BeautyCall started as an eyelash studio, but we have since expanded to include more aesthetic and wellness services, such as massage and facials. That being said, lash extensions are certainly still the bread and butter of our business- and with good reason! We may be biased, but we think that one would be hard pressed to find another beauty treatment that delivers the instant beautifying and anti-aging results that lash extensions give.

When considering whether or not to book an appointment, there are some things you need to know about them beforehand. Here's the top 5 things, based on clients' FAQ's and our own experience, that we feel any potential lash client should be aware of before getting a full set of lash extensions.


5. Lash extensions are water-proof, but not oil-proof.

One of the things we have to reeducate clients about most often is the fact that eyelash extensions can and should be put in water regularly after the initial 24-hour waiting period! Unless the lash artist uses a sealant to "cure" the adhesive immediately, the lashes need 24-hours to gradually cure and harden. Although the lash adhesive is dry on the outer layers when you leave the salon, the rest of it will gradually dry in layers over time by slowly absorbing the humidity in the air.

On the flip side, lash adhesive is not oil-proof. This means that any sort of oil that repeatedly comes into contact with the extensions will gradually break down the adhesive and cause extensions to fall off more quickly. Oils not only come from cosmetics and skincare products used around the eyes, but also from the hair follicle itself and eyelids. Make sure you purchase a good lash shampoo and cleansing brush at your first appointment so that after 24-hours you can begin to wash your lash extensions in the shower or at the sink daily (or at least every other day!)


4. Most clients are NOT allergic to adhesive, the lashes have just been applied incorrectly.

Unpopular opinion here - there are a lot of under-educated lash artists out there, and they're under-educating their clients in the proper care of lash extensions. This is why it's my personal mission to educate and reeducate lash artists in South Carolina and beyond in the proper application and styling of lash extensions. Lash adhesive should NEVER touch the skin. I have been performing and teaching lash extensions for 12 years and I can think of no more than 5 clients who had to quit lashes because they developed a true allergy to cyanoacrylate. Any other reactions I have seen were because an errant lash was touching the eyelid and once removed the irritation resolved in a day or two. Lash artists are humans and we make mistakes, but if you keep finding that your eyelids are red and itchy after lashes, you need to talk to your lash artist or find another one. 


3. Lash extensions are addictive.

I will never regret learning how to apply lash extensions- which is a big deal, because I almost quit my job at the #1 day spa on Hilton Head when they started putting me though lash extension training. It was the most time-consuming and tedious service I have ever had to learn, but eventually I became just as addicted to the transformation lash extensions can create as my clients are! I got faster and more precise, and over time I started seeing the same clients over weeks, then months, and then years. I still have clients who have been coming (without a break!) since I moved to Charleston and opened BeautyCall 8 years ago. If you have an addictive personality, save yourself some heartache and let your addiction be to lashes. They'll make you really happy! The only thing it requires is a commitment from your lash artist to do his or her best work 100% of the time and for you to properly care for the extensions according to their recommendations. 

2. Your appointments will be something you look forward to every few weeks.

Let's be real- life is busy and it's easy to neglect oneself, but busy people need breaks. I can't think of a better way to give yourself some TLC than to lie on a padded spa table with gentle spa music and wave noises playing in the background while someone gently brushes and sorts through your eyelashes. A client of mine once described the sensation as "butterflies landing on my eyes". Can you picture a more idyllic scenario for the overworked, overstimulated, over-everything person?

1. Lash extensions are completely customizable.

I feel as though potential clients sometimes get spooked by what I like to affectionately call "Instagram Lashes". These are the bulk of what you'll see when scrolling through IG looking for inspiration photos to show your lash artist  and for a first-timer they can be a little intimidating.

The thing is - IG lashes are the typically the fullest, most amazing lashes a lash artist has created, so they make the cut. Big lashes get a lot of like on Instagram, but in my experience, more natural and realistic lash extensions get a lot of "likes" and compliments in real life.

As lash artists, we have access to a myriad of curls, thicknesses, lengths, and textures of lash extensions, so remember that we could even simply match the length of your natural lashes (or go a just a smidge longer) to make it look like you have on mascara 24/7! In fact, keeping a more moderate length truly helps with keeping the lashes longer, so if you're on the fence this kind of look can be a great place to start. As you get used to seeing yourself with lash extensions you will naturally be curious about the possibilities and looks of the other curls and application styles, so there will always be room to play.


Do you have more questions about eyelash extensions? We love to talk to clients about our craft, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Did this article seal the deal for you and you're ready to book an appointment? Then click here, my friend, and get ready to have the lashes of your dreams and lots of extra free time in the morning!




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