Top 6 Brazilian Wax Questions

Top 6 Brazilian Wax Questions


One of the most popular services we offer in the spa is Brazilian waxing, but it's a topic that can make even the most confident client feel a little intimidated. We've compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most frequently, as well as some helpful tips to make your experience getting a Brazilian a lot easier.

1. Will It Hurt?
The truth is that with any waxing there is a chance it's going to be a little painful given the nature of the service (wax. hair. ow.) That being said, if it was that bad, it wouldn't be such an in-demand service and there are ways to make sure the experience is more comfortable.
- Avoid having a Brazilian wax done while you're on your period or a few days leading up to it. Increased blood flow to the region can make the experience more zingy. If your Brazilian happens to fall during your cycle we don't mind if you are able to secure the string away from the area to be waxed, so if you choose to come in still then pop some Tylenol about an hour before your appointment to take the edge off.
- The first appointment is typically the most uncomfortable, but sessions get better as the hair thins and the client stays on a regular schedule. The results of waxing are so beneficial that whether you're considering a Brazilian, underarm, leg, or facial waxing you'll probably find, like many clients, that the weeks of not dealing with hair removal are totally worth it.
2. Is it expensive?
We put a lot of thought into all of our prices and try to keep the price of our waxes competitive to the other spas in our area. As of this writing (October 2022) we charge $50 for a Brazilian wax. There are other spas in the area that charge more for this service and even a couple that charge a few dollars less, but we love that we are able to offer a spa-like experience for a our clients versus the cold clinic ambiance that has gained traction in recent years. We believe you should be able to relax when visiting a spa- even when it's for hair removal!
3.  How long does it last?
The more frequently you wax, the longer it will last between appointments. The key is to try to stay on a regular schedule so that you're catching the hairs when they're in the growth phase of the hair cycle. The more regularly you have hair removed during this phase the longer your results last between sessions. This is true not only for Brazilian waxes, but for any facial or body waxing.
4. How long does the hair have to be?
This is always one the first questions a client new to waxing has. The only downside to waxing (in my humble opinion) is that you have to grow the hair first, but only for about 10-14 days. The ideal length is about 1/4 of an inch, or the length of a pencil eraser (a new one, that is!) I always encourage clients to start a waxing routine in the winter because it's much easier to hide hairy legs and bikini lines while you're doing this! Also, if you start the process in the fall or winter and stay on schedule, by spring and summer you'll be experiencing softer, reduced hair growth, which is way easier to manage during beach season.
5. Do you wax everything during a Brazilian wax?
We can take as little or as much hair as you prefer. Some women prefer to leave a little hair (also known as a "landing strip"), while some prefer not to have the butt strip waxed. We honor your personal preference and we see it all, so you should never be embarrassed.

Bonus! Steps of a BeautyCall Brazilian Wax

Below you'll find the "Steps of a Brazilian Wax", which will give you an idea of the protocol we follow at BeautyCall. My hope is that this helps you to imagine what the treatment is like from start to finish. The steps may deviate periodically, but for the most part you can expect the steps below to happen:
1. You'll be taken into the treatment room and given time to undress from the waste down and get yourself situated on the table with a towel to drape over the area to be treated.
2. Your esthetician will reenter the room and assess the hair to be removed. A pre-treatment spray is applied to cleanse the skin and get it ready to be waxed. Powder or a light oil may also be applied depending upon the type of wax to be used.
3. You'll be asked to take a "cannonball" position (just like you're jumping into the pool!) by bringing your knees up to your chest. Wax will be removed from the exposed area between the labia and the bottom on each side.
4. Next, you'll put your legs down and wax will be applied to the labia. While this wax is setting and cooling down, your esthetician will work on the bikini line hair and the top of the mons pubis.
5. The hair will be removed from the labia and you'll be instructed to lay on your side while the esthetician removes the hair from the backside.
6. You did it! Now you'll be given some aftercare products to apply before you get dressed and your esthetician will leave the room and meet you at the front desk when you're ready.
Hopefully these answers help you to understand the process of Brazilian waxing a little more. If you have other questions, please call the spa at (843) 628-9442 or text us at (843) 287-9720. If you're ready to book you can do so using those numbers or by clicking here to schedule an appointment online!

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