Thank you for booking!

We can't wait to make you feel beautiful! Please review our cancellation policy below before scheduling an appointment.

If you accept, follow the link below to go to our online booking software. Thank you!

Cancellation Policy

We ask to be given 24-hours notice to cancel or reschedule appointments.
The fees for late cancelling/rescheduling are as follows:

- 30% for same day rescheduling
- 50% for same day cancellations without rescheduling
- 100% charge for a “no call/no-show” (an appointment is marked as a “no call/no show” if we've contacted the client about the missed appointment but haven't heard back by the end of the business day)

We ask that clients keep record of their appointments in their calendars and not rely solely on our reminder texts and emails to track scheduled appointments.

We send reminder texts and emails as a courtesy and although they ask the client to confirm their appointment, they aren't used as notice of cancellation if not responded to. To cancel or reschedule we ask that you call or text us at 843-287-9720, or email [email protected]

We appreciate your cooperation as we look to take care of our service providers and look forward to seeing you soon!