Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Less than an hour to a red carpet smile.

Let's Be Honest...

Medical whitening treatments are painful and white strips take forever. What's the happy medium when you want pearly whites?

We are one of the only spas in Summerville to offer this instant gratification, Insta-worthy service. Cosmetic teeth whitening is done by applying a hydrogen peroxide gel beneath a blue LED, which enhances the whitening process. Relax while the gel and light work their magic and in less than an hour your teeth are refreshed and noticeably whiter! 

Treatment Takes Less Than 1-Hour

Minimal Discomfort (If Any!)

Results Are Instant & Last Months 

Sessions are $125

Treatments take about 1-hour to complete.

Ask about our teeth whitening membership to receive $25 off quarterly treatments and complimentary aftercare products!